Dear MaMa (Remember)

Dear MaMa (Remember)


Remember! those days, early age, mom had a beautiful smile on her face. walking side by side as child.warm embrace. connection never be separated from the first day. mother's affection, protection, guidances with perfection. this lady who carried me at birth. 9 months never once complain that it hurt. woman's worth. 17 still trying accomplish her dreams. that love can never be replace. memories sits with in me every day. sometimes, I used to think, if I was big. take some of the loads. it was so over due. made great decisions to have a roof and food, cleans clothes and shoes. push me hard in school. you can be anything. the sky's and beyond. believe in yourself, and the rest is sucess. Remember! feeling ill and sick, chicken soup, cold towels, checking on my status ever hour. gave me the world. only girl who knew me the best. always there because you care. miracles, holidays, gifts, no St Nick, she work so hard, presented presents, warm presences. I know you listen from heaven. I will always miss, love you. stay true. scarifice many moves. it was times you wasn't in the mood.. no one can compare or be above. my eyes in tears, for you. 2019 still hits. mom and grandma same year. took your last breath. feel you always with me on my steps. passionate, my heart beats. my feelings speak. I can only be real. Remember! celebrating Christmas, you my star shine, brightness, you have mold me with maturity and kidness. dealing with gloomy days. sometimes I wish I could called on your birthday. June 27 in my heart forever. alone at night, something keep telling be alright. it must be you. How I need and love you. Rememberthese storms. Not easy! every second it eats me. sometimes I just wanted leave. be free. needed peace. many nights couldn't sleep. stay up! is a pain in my chest, so hard to breathe. feeling broken with grieve. stayed to my self. didn't want no one to see my condition. with out getting my permission. 2019 2 lost's really put me in a unbalance position. just reminiscing, the next steps. so many memories of what we once had. can someone please turn the hands that unwind time. I would've took a leap with faith,to conversate and see my Grandma and mom face. Everyone that's gone, to those still holding on. hoping one day they'll come back home. You're Not Alone, together we'll get face these storms. oh how I wish y'all was around again. laughter with amazing smiles, cheer me up, when the world held me down. walking through tunnel of darkness. running towards the light. just want to make it save when I come out. many changes, different faces, keep praying, never let there names go in vain. today you here, tomorrow might not be the same.holidays, birthdays, no longer laughs. I would've give anything to bring back. my mom, best friend, close her eyes, had to say goodbye. looking down. hope I made you proud, fought battles many years. share happiness and tears. raise me into a King. these days it has been different. still I strive with consistent. living in a world that's so cold. family is not what they once was before. only time they visit, hospitals, conversation at deceased graves. friend's became enemies, this is getting old. Can't fold, some don't wanted grow. let them know. everyone is getting old. One day we'll meet, you and me. forever in my thoughts and heart. Mommy. Everyone that's gone, to those still holding on. hoping one day! they'll come back home. You're Not Alone together we'll get through these storms. #EveryoneTogether3 #Mom #Grandma #LoveOnes #Together #Miss #You #Love #You #Rip #Angels #Queens #Beautiful #Meet #Again #NewEraSuperStars


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much Respect! King..🔥🔥🔥

17 days ago

Miss my mama

1 month ago

I love this much respect.

3 months ago

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