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(Please keep my city New Orleans and Louisiana in our thoughts and prayers!)I started a crew called NewEra SuperStars. If you want to be heard and want to be in a crew that has respect and commitment towards you and what you're doing, send me the invite.I'll always delivering music that everyone can vibe to. Everyone that's following me on RapFame come to BIGO Live and follow me at Melinated King_MK My ID Melinated King Hope to see y'all all there. I've lost my mother and her mother (2019) in the same year. I have lost my lil niece when she was only 3 years old.I also lost my fiance to a stroke. Not here for games! I'm here with my music to change the minds of others in the future. Just letting my heart and pain speak into my music.I'm going to the top! And everyone who's following me going to top with me. Everything I'm putting on this platform! Is about life, family,struggle,pain. And how these kids is going missing and be killed. When you hear music from this platform! I want you to know ! Always will be realnest that this world needs everyday in my Music. I appreciate everyone who's constantly showing the support and love on this platform. 🎀🎡🎢🎧( Freestyle Everything) Working and dropping some hot tracks that other artists and family can relate to.πŸ‘‘(GWM) Grown women music- (FBAV) Family Blood And Vegenance that was spilled for no reason. Will be on this page.πŸ‘‘I appreciate everyone who's supporting this platform. (NewEra World Wide Music)5,717 NewEra (Empire SuperStars)Love/No Hate=1 Blood (Love Your Haters)

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