Robbery Remix ft Juice Wrld

Robbery Remix ft Juice Wrld


#NewEraSuperStars #JuiceWrld #RobberyRemix2 Is killing me... you don't wanna see. all I had was you and me.. still don't believe... it. going leave. loosing, tried my best by myself. you was the one who told me to put your heart in a bag. now where are we at. I'm not there... she's mad.Just thinking, this is really hitting, you Always on my mind, every minute. give me a good reason.a sign. why! you're not going to believe me. even If I told you. I still needed you. dreaming of you. would you, come home soon. head hurt, always did since that agreement. how come no one seen it. try to stop that decision. I really meaning. drving your way. if it's ok. I'll be there. 2 blocks away. can't wait, to hold your pretty face. miss your presence, essence, never did forget them. it was you and me 4 ever. still have your picture when we were together. .


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Love this Song

2 months ago

Yo king, where ya at🕊

3 months ago

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