The Beauty Of Community

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We take you through what community means to us and how Rap Fame’s platform helps its members celebrate and commemorate everything that comes their way together!



Life is amazing and brings so much happiness!

On the other hand, things can get tough.  We face all sorts of challenges in our lives.

Often we need to summon the strength to make our way through these challenges.

This may be in politics, or in the community, or in your family.

There is something that all these different situations have in common…

… the value of being surrounded by other caring people – family, friends, neighbours, companions.

…is better…

After all, we are social animals.

That’s not just a saying, it’s something we all know very well!

Whether we’re happy, sad, excited, or bored, the best thing we can do is be part of a group of people working together towards the same goal.

Other people help you celebrate and look at all the positives in life, they help you commiserate and deal with all the negatives in life, and with others you can achieve things you couldn’t have achieved alone.

When something good happens… I don’t know about you, but the first thing I want to do is tell someone!

I’ll find the nearest friend or family, share the news, and we’ll do something to mark the occasion.

In some cultures people celebrate by having a drink, in others it’s more about food, and in others just the presence of others is enough.

…with others!

When I get good news and I happen to be by myself with no one else around to share the positivity, I reach for the phone and start calling the people closest to me.

That speaks to the power of community!

Good things are good but they’re even better when shared with other people.

Likewise, other people help to cushion the blow of negativity.

Bad things are bad but they’re even worse when there is no one around.

We have so many words for this situation – loneliness, isolation, solitude, and on, and on.

The power of community goes both ways, feeding into happiness and lessening the weight of sadness.

The Rap Fame Community

This is all part of the reason we created Rap Fame.

We receive messages regularly from members of our community telling us how the app has helped them express themselves and deal with their emotions and difficulties.

That is a beautiful thing and we couldn’t be happier that we have created a community that helps you realise your voice and grow.

The amount of positivity in the community is amazing!

Share the love!

Whether it’s a simple like of a track, or a friendly comment, or collaborations between artists and crews, we’re very proud of the energy in Rap Fame.

March was a particularly amazing month of tracks from Rap Fame’s members.

It’s hard to believe there’s so much talent in one place.

Our artists help and elevate each other.

People boast achievements like getting 1 million listens on the app (that was Breeze, which you probably know as we keep going on about it 🤫).

Achievements like that are made possible by everyone that makes up the Rap Fame community.

We celebrate the talent of our users in so many ways like our Behind the Lyrics videos, podcasts, playlists, and awards.

This has helped us show off incredible artists like Abi Nyxx, SLHAM, 2Complex, and Liberian J.

But, as we said before, community isn’t just there to take a share of the good times.  It also helps ease pain.

A helping hand

Legendary hip hop artist DMX died on the 9th April.  This was a huge blow to many.

By coming together we have been able to process the news far better than we would have alone.

Our community has been a respectful, open space for people to share their wishes for Earl Simmons and support for his family.

This video of Rap Fame members’ tribute tracks to the late artist shows a small fraction of people’s commemoration of DMX.

To Rap Up…

We will continue to do everything we can to develop our community and make it the very best it can be.

The most important thing for us is to create a thriving community for everyone with an interest in hip hop – the greatest music genre around!!

Much love from Rap Fame!

Keep up with us here at Rap Fame’s blog!  We provide tutorials, feature some of our amazing users, and cover news from the hip hop world.  Drop us a comment below!

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