Welcome to Our New Rap Fame Blog!

We introduce our new, regular blog to keep you updated on all things Rap Fame and armed with the latest tips and tricks to help your rap game! We also take a look at what 2021 means for us.

Welcome to Rap Fame’s new blog – The Rap Up!


You asked for it – we did it!  Rap Fame will now run a regular blog, covering a range of topics from the latest community news to techniques that can help you rap, rhyme and record!

This blog will be the place for you to brush up on things like how to record vocals at home well (the topic of next week’s blog 🤫), as well as what’s poppin’ in the Rap Fame world.

Also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our website! The goal is for this blog to fill in the gaps between our social platforms and make sure our community is getting the most out of us!

Rap Fame 2021

So far…

2021 is going so quickly!  At Rap Fame we are very proud to have kept up with all your rap needs in this fast-moving year.

We have run live shows, contests, tournaments, challenges, tutorials, podcasts, freestyles and much much more.

Already in this young year we boast some incredible milestones.  One of our users – the one and only Breeze – recently hit one MILLION listens on Rap Fame.  On top of that the app has been made home to countless 🔥 tracks by our many users and to beats by top producers that are available for you all to rap over.

And all this amid a global pandemic – not bad, right??

…so good.

GIF of confetti falling to celebrate Rap Fame user Breeze reaching 1,000,000 listens on the app.
Celebrated Rap Fame user Breeze reaches 1,000,000 plays on our app

It has been a truly challenging time for everyone.  The standstill, isolation, and loss felt by so many of us right now put pressure on us all.

But nothing is forever and one day (soon-ish) we will be celebrating the end of this strange period in our lives with our old freedoms back!

In the meantime, it’s a good thing that apps are immune to social distancing!  Unsurprisingly, reports show that people have been spending much more time on their phones during these lockdowns.  One article said early on that people were spending 20% more time on apps in these periods.

GIF of moving smart phone screen to illustrate people spending more time on apps during COVID-19 lockdowns.
Studies report increased use of apps during the recent lockdowns

We may be biased, but we at Rap Fame think that’s great!  We are social beings – we need to connect.  And if we can’t connect in person, why not connect online??

That’s where Rap Fame fits in.

We are dedicated to keeping the world of rap connected by joining together all of you – listeners, fans, and makers of rap music.

So what’s next?

We are always trying to think of exciting new ways to keep you, our beloved users, entertained.  And we’ve got a few (quite a lot, actually) tricks up our sleeves.

Over the next few months you’ll be seeing new features, an increased presence on our social media, and of course you’ll be keeping up with us here at our blog!

And expect the unexpected!!  We have a very flexible approach at Rap Fame that is, more than anything else, dictated by YOU.

We listen to what you want and like and what you’re tired of and dislike.  That’s why we often ask for your feedback in our in-app message channel Waddup Rap Fame 👋.

To Rap Up…

Keep your suggestions coming and voice any concerns – we’re a small team at Rap Fame and we pay a lot of attention to the community!

A huge thank you to everyone who is part of our bright and ever-growing community – keep doing what you’re doing 🙏.

Much love from everyone here at Rap Fame 🎤💕.

Keep up with us here at Rap Fame’s new blog!  We do tutorials, feature some of our amazing users and their tracks, and cover news from the hip hop world. Drop us a comment below!


  1. Definitely looking forward to the article on recording. Also, shout out to rap fame for providing a platform to express ourselves and connect with others.

  2. Rap fame just gets better and better keep thriving I have gained so much knowledge and joy n life becouse of rapfame

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