Right Above It Remix ft Lil Wayne

Right Above It Remix ft Lil Wayne


#RightAboveIt2 #Do #This #For #The #People #My #People #Truth #NewEraSuperStars Doing this in my sleep. don't mess with my peace. mind thinks, soul speaks, came a long way. carrying weight across these streets. some here, other's went 6 feet. another day white sheet. yellow tape. enter with caution, death around. our corners. to many chances, changes. high fences, trying to defend this. we ending it. live to learn. not all friends have your best interest. snitches became a eye witness. close case. no visits. wrong face entering prison. can't loose. my cards was dealt to win. I swear to a god, do he really listen. just my opinion. everywhere I go. satin stealing my brothers and sisters. this world is so cold. why wake up! cops, opps separating us. people to blind to see the truth. living like it's my last. fear no one. in my own class. trying pass wait a while. out of time. today was promise. everyone has a story. writing mines down. never forget, HipHop deserves eyes open. I woke it. got so many styles. need a chauffeur. haters never getting closer. IQ focus. to many different emotions. showing. wiping tears. hoping is better years. standing still.. when others has disappear. being real... a statement, greatness face it. haters in the building. can't take it. is the same way how my girl look at my penis. to large, y'all pussy feeling small. no adapting,what happened. just noise.. where's actions? talk has no meaning. can they really back it. offending when I'm asking. you can make it. look at magic. doesn't it even matter. fighting battles... who's this guy after it. Legends live hereafter. raising the bar higher. another level..making my mark forever. still speak about 9/11, Katrina and those broken leves. I Remember! floods and hungry kids in the Superdome. wating together, all alone.. against the storm. bringing it back home. answer the calls.. when you see it on your phone. memories we miss. names and ages written down a long list. make the last piece fit. trying to understand,yall demands. never can! I'm my own man. life had different plans. read the fine print. the beginning and the end.


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good job fam like this flow instantly πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ I also got new battle please comment much respect either way fire lyrics till I die forever only honest votes much respect for giving me a chance πŸ‘Œ πŸ’― hope you enjoy what u hear πŸ‘Œ #TmCaptainComplain

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