THE SWITCH UPS IS BRAZY🔥 LYRICS PROVIDED BELOW👇🏾 when building pyramids only one stone rest at the top so I sit high as an eagle with no intention to drop my destiny seemed to be that of drugs murders and cops a show that canceled mid season my haters were so distraught king vigi just saying the crowns still intact you busters ain't kings I turn your robes to carpet mats big fish I left the game but then they reel me back now I understand how Jay felt the real is back ghetto dope since Master ps burdens and Cadillacs like I bit an encyclopedia I spit the facts label opportunities back then went flat line either cuz I trusted the wrong ppl or served time I'm in the business of taking thrones like killmonger pushing through my weak opposition just like a whole puncher I'll fall down but I'm back up like a bungy jumper haters try to throw salt on me like slice cucumbers I'm the shit so ya lady wishing she were a plunger funny most you dudes try to check me like I want ya woman if it ain't bout the paper it's out my composition and if it a fire beat probably won't spark my interest only digits that matter are in my bank statements ideas without executions a waste of conversation I've given my talents and haven't took a single payment Rapping is for me but the business is to support my babies I took it personal when nas said the world is yours so I'm a battering ram in a room filled with closed doors hard times and war scars was ammunition to rap the hardest & change geographic conditions that's from the hood to the burbs just say I've elevated easing heavy thought with the cannibus staying levitated hit rock bottom before since then never degraded pouring out my life on these instrumentals call it courageous in deep water I move through it like a torpedo I roll the dice every day the world is my casino No trophies but I'm a legend hip hops Dan Marino Rappers swear they Tony Montanas but actors like Pacino these cold streets got my flow icy as planet pluto spinach got me flexing like Popeye to all you Brunos push me and I push back my technique is sumo if I call you out it's face to face Google duo pain made my heart steel no pacemaker feel the force I'm laser hot as a light Saber try to stand up to me gonna need knee replacements they translucent I see through them like ear gauges born loser i gotta win by any means so I grind like I'm 2 and a half men no Charlie sheen there's no I in team some one once told me but there's an m.e. in that mf salute to kobe my uncle Stevie was a producer and first inspiration of one day rocking the mic across the whole nation had gave me a cassette tape with all his latest beats looking back hours writing raps it kept me out the streets had a broken flow like silk the shocker from no limit now it's like the vastness of space it knows no limit eventually I did things I had no business ended up rapping at rec tables in state prison had a flow so nice even cos listened making beats with palm and ink pen no beat equipment 5am in the morning I worked in the kitchen got back to the dorm and was writing until the sun hit me reading my subscriptions of XXL magazines watching hiphops evolution through static TV screens waiting on the day I am able to get back on the scene smoking contraband sipping buck trying not to be seen Bow up on me you better be skilled with the arrow the mic to me is like Moses staff I slaughter Pharoahs and leave they fans to haul em off in a wheel barrow too many weeds in the game I rake em out like harrows got visuals from all angles like an iguana my iq razor sharp like the teeth on piranhas I suggest keep it rap cuz you don't want these problems put these paws on you you'd swear you scrapped with E Honda stepping on competition like Lee did Ohara that's enter the dragon im referencing incase you ponder line up these rappers they groupies better be first responders make em wanna go to the past and off me like John conor like king pin with a suitcase I'm big business in this game I've seen it all just like an eye witness these rappers fake as grills made out of tin foil they gold fish and I'm like a cats paw in they fish bowl #NEWVIGI #KINGVIGI #IMMICULATE #RAPFAME #RAPFAMETV #MODERATOR_EN #FEATURE #POTW #PLAYLISTED #BANGER #SOUTHERNLYRICIST #FLAWDARAPPER #HIPHOP #2K21


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Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 8/10 Impression: 9/10

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Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

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Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 9/10 Impression: 9/10

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