Music is My Weapon

Music is My Weapon


Mix, Master, and Cover Art by @Uranium #Musicismyweapon1 #Myburnersapunchline #Imafuckingmachine #Weaponsofmassdestruction #metaphorsaremynukes #Sickertheneazy #Nagasaki #Uranium @Rapfamebest #Moderator_en @Moderator_en #bmbest #bmvideo #Rapfamebest #SYLA @Bmbest #battlemeapp #2k21 #2021fire #2021heat #2021 #bmgrind #featuredmaterial #rap #Bars #bmhiphop #rapfame #battleme Chorus Music is my weapon and anybody stepping is feelin what I’m spittin like Killin cats likes django precision like I’m Rambo You don’t wanna hear this thang go My mouth is the barrel, my tongue is the bullet and my trigger don’t pull it I’m an AR 15 with an infrared beam, comin up in the scene like Verse 1 I’m stackin up my Arsenal and always keep it personal My weapon is a verse or 2, spit it and I kill a dude Twisted individual my lyrics at the pinnacle Always analytical, precision it is critical Loading up my ammo, put polish on the handle Got the juice like a mango, ready to let this thang blow Rappers are my shooting range, styles are the clips I change I’m wild and deranged, ready to pop like a gauge Uranium’s the element for nuclear devolopment Your fuckin wit a veteran, and music is my weapon My mind is a time bomb, my fuse it don’t last long My word is a buckshot, my bars leave a blood clot I’ve been training my flow, to just steadily grow And now I’m ready to blow, just put the mic in my hand And watch my thoughts expand, listen Mass is what I’m Reppin And bullets are what your gettin like Chorus Verse 2 My burners a punchline, my word is a land mine I cut like a ginsu razor blades are my pencil All the pain that I been through, needed something to vent through So I changed like Bruce bannon and turner my brain to a cannon Gun shots in the street, the battlefield is the beat My fingertips are the pistol, my whole fist is a missle I’m a fuckin machine, made to murder the scene Shredding rappers like fettuccine, beheading slackers that wanna see me Then disappear like I’m Houdini, you actors faker then a genie I can’t take it no more, turn my music to a weapon And I’m taking you all, Uranium, I turn a stadium To ash when I’m bustin, a weapon of mass destruction Promote and unloaded it, it exploded like it’s covid Now the whole world fears me, and my lyrics the vaccine People need it like caffeine, I’m dangerous to the rap scene Metaphors are my nukes and I’ve been training my troops And I ain’t never gonna lose, I’m frontline with an M-16 Ready for you and your team like Chorus Verse 3 My mind is a javelin, my lyrics are dazzling Dangerous when I’m battling, Magical like the Gathering My rhyme book is a knife, Hip Hop is my life If a bitch try to stop me, turn a beat to Nagasaki My flows are (corrosive) my pen games (explosive) I’m sicker then Eazy, in a hospital wheezy When he’s hooked to an IV, rhyme schemes are napalm Lines shine and stay bomb,get dropped like an acorn I’ll rip the Mic, with a key, like Mantle(Mickey Mantle) Dismantle a vandal, light em up like a candle I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Punches like Foreman, smooth like Ali My chest a volcano, my heart burning wit flow Spittin fire on foes, sub zero fatality Leave the ozone froze, Rebuttals are my shield And my weapons stay concealed, better pray there not revealed


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