False Idols

False Idols


Lyrics: (Blessed is, Thine pad Nd pen, If you the rapping god, im an atheist, I don’t believe in y’all, I hate a fake cappin, Claiming they aim to win, but only take a loss. I ain’t cha average djin, can only grant one wish, You diss and I respond, death wish granted, I’m looking for the op, but I can’t see them, Know what? I’m starting to think it’s cause he don’t exist..) So let’s begin, With who the fuck is emceeing. Call me Yang, Nd y’all pussy ass rAppers is Ying I’m all (maul) up in, this bitch, like I’m starving it’s no pardons, yet careers i might make’em end (Amends) So Say amen for targets, better pray for them, if they outta line, like Fox(Micheal J) wit a box of crayons, and a color book, mutter gook, shit up in a gutter hook, Gritty shit, witty shit, giddy when I get a look, That I don’t like, “fuck you and ya mother bitch, let’s fight” Leave you looking stupid like my fucking overbite, Bipolar type, might go for the knife, mic go for ya neck, step Nd bite the dust, like a mite, Shit ain’t outta spite, I’m chopping heads outta remorse, ain’t trynna hurt ya feelings bitch, im trynna make’em a corpse, I take’em to court, Joseph Dredd, Angular form, best split like divorce, this fifty buck ain’t taming a horse, (Hook) Aint gotta Suck my dick-eth, Half chubbed, till Its numbing, To get it straight, faggot you won’t ever see me coming, The razor blade fashion sharp, engine stay running, The weapon say fire, Nd the Vic won’t say nothing, I’m obviously bluffing, cause you’re obviously bluffing, But shit ain’t no sopreza/Suppressa, I’ll do more then “say something”, Spit sticks Nd stones, murk quicks the code, Verbs slit ya throat, y’all ticks to doe’s (suck) Yo shit sticks in bows, my shit click then go, Leave ya ears ringing, NoPri$e piercing ear lobes( shout out @defiantdialect ✊🏽) Villain when I fight, you finna die like a hero, Nd if you choose flight, your heading for ground zero. This Shits jet fuel to triple steel beams, survival of the fittest, nd that fiddle ain’t as fit as me, Y’all ain’t lit as me, y’all stay buzzin like a killer bee, Nd if you who the killer be, then the killer be killed by me (kill or be killed) (Hook) Beat: CrossRoads Beat By: ChaloBeatz #SYLA 🖕🏽 @modertor_en 🖕🏽 @moder_judge_en @rapfamebest #SnatchTag #EyemAnAthiest #2K21 #2021Fire #2021Heat #202Juan #BlessedIs #FeaturedFecalMaterial #Rap #Bars #BmHipHop #KillerBKilt #BattleMe


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