IN THE MYST OF ALL HE'S GOING THROUGH MY BRO @BR33ZE01 BLESSED THIS TRACK WITH A SOLID VERSE🔥🔥. THIS TIME WE FELT WE DROP SOMETHING MOTIVATIONAL💎. HOPE YAW ENJOY...SALUTE💯☝🏾 #VIGIXBR33ZE #VIGILEVITATE #RAPFAMETV #MODERATOR_EN #POTW #FEATURE #PLAYLISTED #MOTIVATIONAL #INSPIRATION #UPLIFT #SOULFUL #HIPHOP #COLLAB #BANGER @MODERATOR_EN @BR33ZE01 BR33ZE VERSE Lost souls in in my mental make my heart cold , Face drenchin from the water out the wash bowl , Fresh past but I’m steady makin wash loads , Lighter fluid to the present where the Dark flows , I see levels pickin up , but I’m stuck behind I see momma lookin happy but her health decline, They say everything get better when you stop the time , Close my eyes cause I can’t read between the fuckin lines ... Why these niggas hatin , tell me why dey so impatient , See me shinin so they talk about me , instagatin, Inchin close but you can’t stand and hold a conversation, Burn em up I’m hittin punches like I’m consensatin , Slowely walkin to the finish , even in the races , Drop a verse on any track exept a fuckin racist , Imma goat and dats forever , ain’t no expiration Vigi get em , let dem niggas feel the wrath of greatness .. VIGI VERSE so I stay motivated confidence like I'm playing with a hand full of aces never been afraid to fall and go back to the basics cuz for every set back the come back is amazing time and time again said let the haters keep hating they breaking fake news but never break my concentration success takes time dealing with time takes patience but I got no time to lose when I'm tryna chase greatness I do it for my mom who had to suck up her tears I do this for my father who had fought through his fears I do this for my queen for putting up with my struggles and my kids who are the number one reason why I hustle I did some years in prison I can never retrieve but since I walked through them gates look at all I achieved I hit up breeze everyday and check up on his mother cuz though the blood type differ he is still my brother


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