Doing The Most [Prod Cxdy]

Doing The Most [Prod Cxdy]


#DoingTheMost ⛔#HOODTHREAT⛔ From The Album: Chopaveli Out Sept 1st #D01N6TH3M0ST #Chopaveli #BarsOverBs #InBarsWeTrust #Hoodthreat #TopTier #CoversBySaint #Saintjames502 #Bmvideo #BMBEST #FeatureIt #BMHeat #BMAllStar #BMGrind #HipHop #Rap #BattleMe #Hot #BMFeature #Heat #New #Fire #BMGold #Bars #Music #FeaturedMaterial #RapFame #RapFameGrind #Heat #2k20 #2020 #Banger #Trap #Fire #New //Cover Art #CoversBySaint //Mixed @Saintjames502 //Master //Hook @saintjames502   I Do What I Do, I Do What I Want, You Do What You Can, I Do What You Dont/   I Do What I Will, I Do What You Wont, You See What I Do, I Be Doing The Most/    I Just Be Doing The Most, Yuh Man I Be Doing The Most/   Ay, Scooping Up Hoes, Moving Some Dope, Yuh I'm Doing The Most/   Ay Man I Be Doing The Most, Yuh I Just Be Doing The Most/   Shit I'm Doing My Thing, An You Mad That You Dont/ Better Stay In Your Zone/ //1st Verse @Saintjames502   Doing My Thing And You Mad That You Dont/   Ugh, I Just Be Swaging The Most, Yuh im Snatching Up Hoes/ Ay Might Ash On The Floor/   Fucking It Im Rolling A Blunt, Yuh Yuh Smoking The Roach To The Butt/   Yeah Im The Man In This Bitch, Could Fuck Any Hoe That I Want/   My Bruh Just Got Caught With A .40 They Try To Give Dime/    So When Im Doing My Thing Yuh I Got Watch For The Five/   Watch For The Five And The Twelve, Not Trying Wind Up In Jail/ Talk To My Slime Through The Mail/    Go In My Shoebox And Pull Me Out 5 For The Bail/ Doing The Most I'm Always On 10/   Rude With The Jokes, Stay Clowning These Pricks/   Ay I'ma Get Paid Regardless, I'm On My Salary Shit/   Burning More Dollars Then Calories, An I Go Out To Eat, I Done Lost Track Of The Shit/   Im Eating Good In The Neighborhood, Im On That Applebees Tip/   I Run The Game On A Chick, Yuh I'm Smooth As A Robe/   Tell Her To Come Over The Crib, And See What She Do With The Throat/       Im In This Hood Like A iPhone, Thats Mean I Stay With A Plug/    Its Like Your Ringer On Silent, Im Saying You Cant Get A Buzz/ //2nd Verse @Saintjames502   Fuck Your Feelings Bitch Sue Me/ Yall Couldnt Fit In My Blue Jeans/   I Aint Tripping That's Real Shit/ Ass Out Like A Nude Scene/   Turning Seeds Into Huge Trees/ Yall Stay Sleeping Like Snoopy/   Tell These Bitches I Aint In The Mood/ I Got Demons Like Groupies/    Break It Down, Cut It Up, Weigh It Out Double Up/    Lay It Down, Run It Up, Make A Route, Huddle Up/   Using Them  Breaks, And Choosing To Coast Why Youre Losing The Race/   But I Be Doing The Most, Just Like I'm New At This Place/


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@davidkaufman aight I have a question why the fuck did you come on a rap app and not expect cussing

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