#QueenOfTheDamned2 #QOTD2

#QueenOfTheDamned2 #QOTD2


#QueenOfTheDamned2 #QOTD2 @Immortals track Featuring @Deepowerz & @TyrellGibson Mix, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu. I have lived Violently' Since the 5th Dynasty' As the Famed Diplomat' & Bat' Named Lestat' That Came Back' To Drain you Rats' That are Delirious' As the Mysterious' Brutal & Furious' Pupil of Marius' Using my Fangs' to Chew & Drain' Lames that Abuse the Game' Confusing Fame' Blitzing' With Gains & Attrition' Chained to the System' Of Grim' for Black Men' Packed in the Pen' That's a Den' of Sins' Attached to Wins' For the Ginn' It's Lestat' my Friends' Back Again' To Hack at Limbs' Of Them' That Plot & Scheme' With Dreams' Of Stopping the Team' By Blocking the Queen' Who Commands' Clans' With an Iron Hand' Fit' with a Few Gifts' Making her Too Swift' To give Two Shits' About Crews With' Two Bit' Hustlers with Few Wits' All Cowards are Shamed' To feel the Power of Pain' From Our Reign' As we Drain' the Blood' Of self Proclaimed Thugs' _____________________ From Egypt' all the way to America' We are causing mass Hysteria' Showing these Mere Humans' Fear' & Confusion' That's Mentally Shoving' As we assemble the Coven' Of Squires' Judging Sires' In the Dungeon' of Vampire's' To Convene' as Planned' & Ban the Schemes of Man' Who Raise Hands' Against the Queen Of The Damned' __________________ Queen Akasha' La Madra' I will never Betray You' Every Day Through' I give you all Praises Due' Since playing the Tune' That raised you from your Tomb' I've been wating to Soon' Place the seed of a Goon' In your Womb' to Bloom' The Sensation' of Intimidation' For the Next Generation' Of X' Waiting' Veneration' & Fruition of our Mission' Driven by Wisdom' & Intuition' To Crush' Thugs to Dust' In a Rush' of Blood Lust' With a Gust' Leaving those that Fuss' Concussed' As Trust' for Us Rust'


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Aye fam I am out of retirement and this is the first track I listened to it still jams

5 months ago

well composed and played out, sharp execution 💯

6 months ago


7 months ago

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