🔥Criminal Mind🔥JShawzy BarsOverBullshit Diss

🔥Criminal Mind🔥JShawzy BarsOverBullshit Diss


Lyrics 👇 Rizmatic I melt these motherfuckaz like candy on a dashboard. This is my territory. Bitch I am your landlord. You fuckin Fan Boi. I'll kill you through your Android. You think you got Barz. You make us laugh like Dan Aykroyd. Just like this App I'll put you rappers in my pocket. Mr Shawzy get a life before your name becomes a topic. My flow is toxic. A sicker diagnostics. The guy is acting salty like a baggy full of hot chips. I shake the camera you can call me Stanley Kubrick. I spit the acoustics. We still make better music. So roll a fatty. Always sunny here at Paddy's. On top of cow pattys. Sorry Barz over Bullshit. I'll snap ya neck so you see my art from a different angle. My mind's twisted and it tangles. You cannot remake , what we make from scratch. Yo J Shawzy all your shit is trash. Younity Y'all are just all on my dick Your flow is subpar at its best All of your tracks are so fuckin trash No wonder your Startled and shit Come here I'll swaddle you kids said rssys got sad Cause all of your bars are just spent See we just versatile as fuck While Your style clearly seem to suck 1 song I really seen enough Why you so mediocre fuck! Is it just me why you on repeat With the same flow I'm getting real sleepy Barley got bars who's buying  your cd thinkin ya hard but this shit is easy You think that you beat us so bad that's fuck bizarre But why are you soundin the same on ev-er-y bar! And with your own raps I'm sonnin you bad You pussy are mad go master your craft Cause you are so weak cant open a jar bars Everyone can do that shit dog Choppy ass flow and I'm bourd as shit dog Pour as insults why ya such a bitch dog Shots just fired jump back cris cross All that shit talk gonna get the hammer brains get splatter all over the camera States don't matter that one made me laugh bra Why count votes if it doesn't even matter #GamesOver #CriminalMind #JShawzyDiss #HoodThreat #JShawzy #JustGettingStarted #SlaughterSeason #Truality #BMBest #BMVideo #2019 #bmgold #2019Heat #bmgrind #Rap


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it's been in hour kick

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this ish go hard bro

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