Get To Know Me (Ft J Shawzy)

Get To Know Me (Ft J Shawzy)


#GetToKnowMe Ft @BarsOverBS Mix & Cover @SaintJames502 #Hoodthreat Prod By HLBak //Hook @Saintjames502 Don't Know Body Try To Get To Know Me, Nah They Don't Really Care Who I Am/ Everybody In This Bitch Is Phony, Yuh An They Really Dont Give A Damn/ Dont NoBody Try To Get To Know Me, Nah NoBody Try To Get To Know Me/ They Wave An Say Hi Then Shake An Say Bye/ Yuh But Never Try To Get To Know Me/ //1st Verse @Saintjames502 Dont Nobody Want To Get To Know Me/ They Stay Running Out Like A Chick Cold Feet/ Seen All My Closest Friends Turn To Distant Homies/ They Drifting Slowly Like A Ship With No Steam/ Im Sitting Lonely In The Crib Just Smoking/ Come Knocking On My Door Like It's The Police/ Like What Up Bro My Whip Is On E/ I Need A Couple Dollars Can I Get A Loan Please/ Like Hell Naw What I look Like A Bank/ If You Didnt Want Something Then You Wouldnt Have Came/ Talking Like You Are My Buddy When Your Up In My Face/ But Then Go Reaching For My Wallet When Im Looking Away/ I Said Nah, Miss Me With All Of That Sucker Shit/ Want A Hand Out Well Then Talk The Government/ Stop With The Fronting Bitch I've Had Enough Of It/ Don't Give A Fuck About Me Well Then Suck A Dick/ They Not Real They Just Living A Tall Tell/ Dont Care If I Get Burned So Im Giving Them All Hell/ Try Swerving In My Lane End Up Hitting The Gaudrail/ Got My Finger Out The Window As I'm Flicking My Marlboro/ These Frauds Stay Switching It Up/ They Always Quit When Its Rough/ But I Aint Worried Bout It, I Aint Giving A Fuck/ You Got Your Hand Out Round Me, I'll Just Spit In The Cup/ Aint Got No Friends At All, I Did As A Kid But They Split An Gone/ Get What They Need Then They Dipping Off/ Bout To Wash My Hands An Then Rinsed Them Off/ Like Fuck It I Bet I Dont Lose Any Sleep/ Your Here Cuz You Care Well Then Prove It, Lets See/ How Soon That They Leave, When Im Refusing To Feed/ Im Not Making You Go, Bitch Your Choosing To Leave/ //2nd Verse @BarsOverBs #TopTier #GTKM #SaintxShawzy #GetToKnowMeFtJShawzy #SaintJxJShawzy #BarsOverBS #MicBulliez #JShawzy #CoversBySaint #Saintjames502 #TopTier #Bmvideo #Heat2019 #BMBEST #FeatureIt #2019Heat #2k19 #BMHeat #2019 #BMAllStar #2019


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