lip writ+freestyle

lip writ+freestyle


#Justblaze #Bossjenkins #Crossredemption #Dsp aint gon trip off the rip but i will you keep givin me lip Dub Boss watch out for shit i spit i have no mercy for you bitches too slo and you still cant catch it this shit heres automatic Boss tell me who the matches and then imma burn every one of them bastards lets go hit em with the four five flow wrecklessly checkin you peasants im comin for seconds the Dub and the Boss we some legends by the time you load up this record you bitches gon get it thats right i said it. you know where this headed where pussies get deaded the shit that you dreaded i met it with open arms im the bomb get down everybody stay calm thats it on my command work it move it shake it drop it imma keep goin if the beat keep loopin im never gon stop it check it these industry prophets see industry profits off studio prophets who never see prophets vomit and gossip shit got me nauseous illumin not us a million two followers is all that it got us


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came hard Fuego p respect

15 days ago

Oooooo shit

2 months ago

mask off every beat you kill it salute

3 months ago

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