Better Made Freestyle  🍟

Better Made Freestyle 🍟


nigga feeling like a pharo but not from Egypt straight out the ghettos drinking out of mayonnaise jars using old shoe boxes like Legos better maid chips and pop by faygo where you can popped hasta luego where you can cop a block and niggas pray they don't get knocked by jakes bro before digital wallets we cut holes in closets hid it under the mattress i reminisce on how wild niggss be overeacting that's that hood shit where unfamiliar faces get introduced to mack tens & shooters hopefily the don't do something cruel to him probably just snatch his Jewels and shoes .bokafter they collapse and surround him my niggas be clowning boy say the wrong thing get a beat down quick been a street nigga here ain't a easy thing to pick it's a lot of fields niggas with nappy roots getting it out the mud where we don't call him a thug we call him bruh show him love girl I'm from the streets you can't get the D without the glove we know how to wipe the prints off scrub the hash tags we don't get timid in dreary scenarios mybad we don't get teary when we drop a enemie scicario they hate on m.e. but look how far I've taken it from rapping in the car been basic to been at the bar bitches begging me to get naked Rap Fame King just face it embrace it, if you want the crown you gone have to wait a min how replacing I'm well ahead who the hell you chasing, I'm after money yall moving funny, comedians niggas this rap fame not the laugh factory you can have next I'm up now fuck who come after me.


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πŸŒͺ️ Swift Flowing πŸŒͺ️ dope!!

5 months ago

cool very true hood code. speak the real

5 months ago

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