Misery - Destiny

Misery - Destiny


Misery Wat y’all think about da new wave 🌊 😚 Kelly clarkson style 🤪 Cover art : @onastyjr 💋 😛 My bestie made the beat : @tokyanna 👯‍♀️ 2x Put u out of yo misery boy I can tell u ain’t the same Put u out of yo misery boy Now u get to feel my pain I know I found my self I’m independent I don’t need no help U thought u played me But you played yoself U can’t stand to see my happy that’s oh well (oh well) And it get easy Every day of the week I’m feeling freely I can do wat I want I get to be me And My skin so clear I’m drinkin Fiji What a man won’t do Another man will Until then ima pay own bills Ima hold it down I got my guard up With my head held high Like the stars up ( stars up ) #miseryB #foundmyself #neednohelp #iamdestiny #fyg


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🎶Dope statement track 🎶💯

2 months ago

this is legit

4 months ago

yoo this go even harder yeah i need a playlist in my phone with songs🔥🔥🔥

5 months ago

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