Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation


Mixed: 808 Art: 808 Beat: @Grade_A #encore808 #standingovation #so808 #808 #ei8ht #philly #hiphop  #sychronizedmindz #sm #rapfamebeast #moderator_en #bmbest #bmvideo #2k21 #2021fire #bmgrind #featurematerial #rap #bars #bmhiphop #rapfame #writernotrapper8 @rapfamebeast @moderator_en @bmbest I've always been different Never stopped asking why This gift I was given Isn't exactly what I visioned I'm so introspective I overthink overthinking Underrated underestimated Underdog from beginning   I'm in it to win it Whether you Dig it or didn't limits pivot within the driven Adapted minute by minute pen barrel like no other Every track my magnum opus Hollow points hit your skull Ricochet mind explosion   Neurotransmitters fire Burning pathways Every ear my music touches Brands an 8 on your brain Release serotonin poker face on my Stoic intellect 48 laws Art of war emotions   villian turned heroic But did it without you knowing Never wanted any credit I did it cause I was chosen lime light seems appealing When all your handed is lemons Bitter sweet in defeat Mistakes create the greatest lessons   My mind is a weapon and Im my own worst enemy Thoughts addressed as trojan horses Full of false security Set the present on fire an Sit back and admire Muffled demons Screaming beaten Loop it and keep on writing   I'm better than you cause I compete with myself I travel a lonely road Strapped camo in stealth Purposely esoteric Moris code to a veteran If you never been at war Then you missing the message   Too verbose for a dose Step up your comprehension Theres levels to Every layer Underground in ascension I'm a lyricists lyricist lyricists Make you delirious Rappers are method actors Phoenix taken flames serious   The fiction depicted in it Could end in an single instant Live it or let it go image diminish til finished Either got it or don't Face the failure and choke Keep on no matter what Difference between us you wont Ever been acredited By self proclaiming better men Ladies and gentlemen Welcome the malevolent severing I try to be benevolent Humble and benefit Those in my tenement But back fires always evident   Self preservation Working in both directions If destinations differs This is where our journey ended I'm offended that your offended Defendent verse defensive Loyalty an illusion Dependent on agenda   If you aint suckin my dick Came from my balls payin my bills or got skills Then your opinion is nill Advancing an active passion Is more than just rappers dappin Im trying to feed my family This isn't about a bracket   You actin and force a fashion Filling Bigger shoes then can fathom even given Circus attractions Somethin to laugh at Im undeniable Signable viable magic Replayable Magnet bangin Rinse and repeat the pattern


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3 months ago

Dope!! Love it!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

6 months ago

reminds of Non phixon in the best ways

7 months ago

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