New York's Finest (Feat. Blaq Ivy & Lady Cyfa)🗽

New York's Finest (Feat. Blaq Ivy & Lady Cyfa)🗽


🗽@onastyjr🗽@ladycyfa🗽@blaqivy🗽#nyfinest🗽 🌎@moderator_en🌎#moderator_en🌎 We are just three individuals just representing where we from.  Ona$ty brought bars, Blaq Ivy representing lyrically and Lady Cyfa brought soul with her beautiful voice... 3 deadly combinations🌋🌀🌪 (1st Verse) Blaq Ivy (Hook) Ona$ty & Blaq Ivy I'm O.N.A.S.T. And/I'm @blaqivy BX stand up Yeah that's NYC🗽 My lyrics is sick🤒 And my flow is the tightest We wit' @ladycyfa And we New York's Finest🗽 (2nd Verse) Ona$ty My n*ggas throw up gang signs🤙🏾 like a bouquet💐 Then get ya wig🤕split, like a toupee Then have you n*ggas stuttering, like a Uzi If I say I'm in a Set, its not a Movie🎥 I'm covered in water💎, just like a slave ship⛵ Only time I go to funerals⚰, is graveyard shift I leave you Black and Blue, like GD and Crip (flag colors) Not bussing at walls, if I shoot you a brick (kilo) (Chorus) Lady Cyfa (3rd Verse) Ona$ty Like Oklahoma🏈, I should've came Sooner (College Football Team) Used a glove like OJ, she cut it like Krueger (Freddy) If I'm the father, she'll deal with karma Like Jackie Robinson⚾ I tried to Dodge her (Brooklyn Dodgers) Round trip from🛫LaGuardia...🛬 Get this chick in LA, look like Eva Longoria Like to get high, hate flying in planes🛩 Never been on private jets✈, but coach feel the same I call you a chicken, not cause you pigeon toe Birds🐦fly South, that's why I I'm moving to N.O. My flow so sick😷, might have you coughing🤧 I'm dead serious, like I'm lying in a coffin⚰ If I cut dope, I do it like a pizza🍕 Then fill it in, like a substitute teacher I had a lot of time, but reduce my years Niggas try to frame me, like some Cartier's👓 (Hook) Ona$ty & Blaq Ivy (4th Verse) Lady Cyfa (Chorus) Lady Cyfa @rapfamebest @rapfame_ar_team @rapfame_awards #rapfame #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bars #rap #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #2021heat


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