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Road to 1K Plays ✅ Road to 5K Plays ✅ Road to 10K Plays ✅ Welcome & Thanks for stopping by 🐢 White Aboriginal 🇦🇺 I don't write with structure...Yet. Still very new to making music so any and all feedback is Awesome ❤ I dont use a Mic 🎤 I just write down my real experiences, thoughts and record it all through my phone 🤭💯 It all helps me get through each day 🔥 I like to have fun with it and sometimes I want to 'Push the Pen' and see how far I can take certain Rhyme schemes ✏ The beauty of it is being able to write and rap what YOU want 🙏🏻 Music is my saviour and I will continue to return the favour 🎶

Gold Coast, Australia