I'm A Boss

I'm A Boss


This chick drive a Magnum but don't like when I use 'em (rubber) You can't rely on Carr (Derek) like John Gruden 💨@moderator_en💨@onastyjr💨#bossonasty💨 ⭐⭐17 Double Entendre⭐⭐2 Triple Entendre⭐⭐ I still keep razor blade under my tongue😝 Swallowed it when I was young, went through my stomach to my lungs I barely breath out my lung, that's on my left side So I stick a straw through my neck, so I won't die⚰️ Pull off in a spaceship🚗but it don't fly Then leave fire🔥on the street, like I'm Marty McFly (Back To The Future) 2000 Platinum Edition Lexus bubble eye I keep a slim chick... In the passenger seat, like Popeye (Olive Oyl) I want 2 breast, 2 legs, 2 thighs Matter fact, gimme another one, that's a side (side chick) Anybody wanna flip Onast' the bird🖕 You get cut🔪like Flip from Above The Rim🎥by Bird(ie) (2Pac) That's my word, this 2022 Purge🎬 Cutting🔪niggas arteries, getting on there nerves Niggas think I'm throwing shots, in my raps I'm the best lyricist on and off the app Almost charged with murder, victim made a recovery🙏🏽 I just had Faith (Evans)🙏🏽like Notorious B.I.G. Gimme space, like a trunk in SUV's Y'all niggas all talk, better yet memes😂 (Hook) I'ma boss, I took a loss I got crossed, paid the cost Dropped her off, In the loft🌆 Then she took it off Gun got the potato Bread🍞like mayo White chick, Alfredo Put the barrel to ya head, now that's a halo😇(2x) They respect my craft, but don't respect Onast' So I started selling drugs, that's how I learned my math I wanna talk on subjects, but we wont go there Cause we'll be going back and forth, like rocking chairs I got 3 K's (3 AK's), but I'm not covered in white sheets (KKK) I could sell you sand, if you lived on a beach🏖 I could get you touched, even if you not in my reach Cause I did more dirt, than a pair of cleats I'm on a diet this week🗓so I stay away from beef My bitch call me a dog, but never put me on a leash I'ma pit bull, mixed with a rottweiler Cause niggas change up, like Master P's Impala (chameleon paint job) On my mama... I'm tryna reach my peak, when magma reach the top of volcanoes🌋and turn to lava Car got horse's🐎that's why I pickup stallions 07' I made more plays, than the John Madden🏈 This bitch drive a Magnum🚗but don't like when I use 'em (condom) You can't rely on Carr (Derek), like John Gruden🏈 Some chick sucked my🍆but its room for improvement Reminds me of Chinese movies🎥cause her lips stay moving (Hook) (2x) @rapfamebest @rapfame_ar_team @behindthelyrics @rapfame_awards @rapfametv @rapfame_socials #moderator_en #rapfame #rapfamebest #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bmvideo #bars #rap #rapper #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #2022 #potw #IABO #onasty #onastymuzik


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

9 hours ago

ooooohhhh u got play of the weeeeeekkk!!! that's what the fuuuuuck I'm talking bout!!! 💪💪💪💪

1 day ago

sick Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

2 days ago

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