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👑 Matriarch 👑 Co-founded Cutt Throatz, 2022 Crew of the Year! Co-founded We Are The Children , Nominated 2023 Crew of the Year! 💧Third female to pass 100 features!💧 💧Next up Hall of Fame!💧 Nominated 2023 For: ⚡️Woman of The Year ⚡️ Crew of the Year (Won) Nominated 2023 For: ⚡️Woman of The Year ⚡️Crew of The Year (Won Community Vote) ⚡️Best Collab ⚡️3 Best Cypher Nominations Contests: ⚡️1st Place Urban Nights Contest ⚡️ 1st Place Weatherman Contest ⚡️ 2nd Place Grateful Contest ⚡️ 3rd Place Replay Contest ⚡️ 4th Place Hip Hop Contest ⚡️ 4th Woman Contest Top Ten Placement ⚡️ The Journey ⚡️ Rebel Talk ⚡️Who’s Who Top 20 Placement ⚡️Benjis Contest


On My Throne