Beast mode ready, Money on confetti, Hard work sealed me in Rap Fame forever, Climbed from the bottom cake, Fought 'em in the middle, Rose to the top from the scars Little by little, Tough to reach the followers Started 'em with a nickel, Before I spit the fire It all started with sizzles, Told myself I had to be sick Den a hospital Joined a tournament and won Then my followers double tripled, Battles waitin' on me Accepted and dominated, So many rappers slept on me I was so underrated, You can’t accept a win If you losin' ain’t celebrated, Take a loss and shake it off That will turn into motivation, I don’t beg for nothin' I fight for the crown daily, No matter who in front me I’m holdin the crown lately, I hope to see you soon I’ll be waitin to see your name, Without further a due It’s a pleasure from Rap Fame Welcome. #moderator_en #rapfamemasterclasses #sweetladylove


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Now that's 🔥 🔥 🔥

6 months ago


7 months ago

Lyrics are sick sis wow we gots to collab together

8 months ago

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