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I am a Singer/Songwriter/Backtrack Engineer/LYRICAL QUEEN. I have written over 3,600+Songs in the 3 years I've been as a serious Musician & Band Owner of 9 bands. I am on every single platform for music production online. If you Google Elizabeth Evangelium Music/5 pages of all of my work back as far as September 3 2020 to current. I have worked professionally with many different musicians. I have been Singing, Songwriting since I was 6 years old. I'm 46 years old now and still looking damn good lol. I have my own Anchor podcast, I'm also a poet on STANDS4POETRY, I also do work for as a graphic design crew. I can play any instrument I pick up, I do all of my own Music Production, Music Video Productions, I run a small Music Production Business I am a Professional Musician and Producer on 16 different social media music platforms. I love music, I'm known on here as the "LYRICAL QUEEN", while working with as an ADMIN for the UST CREW. I am just about everywhere if you Google me. I love RNB, Rap, Country, Rock, Love Songs, I can do just about any type of genre that's put in front of me. I play music and my work "BY EAR" a gift from the good Lord above! Soon enough I will be coming out with my 4th album JOURNEYS coming middle of September 2022. Come and help support my on going Music Production @, #Discord Elizabeth Evangelium Music Channel. I love singing, I enjoy most of all making sure that I am bringing joy and happiness to you all.