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(Zeus 406) Andrew Jones



Introduction .. I started rapping in Feb of 2022 , I used to sing and write metal back around 2009 to 2012 in a local band (A.O.V. Army of Victims) consisting of me and 5 other good friends of mine I write songs and poems as a way to release my inner pains,doubts, depressions, and demons. Therefore most of what I write is dark and negative. ( I merely reflect that wich has inflicted me).👈 😏. But for me, it is a way to make something positive out of all my negative. I suppose In many ways I have a desperate sense of the need to be heard , and possibly understood. I've never been much of a confident person. I've never felt self worth , As well as still and will always remain my own worst critic. I am an unrefined gem, my shine has been eclipsed. caste way to the rough. Flawed forever by the carvings that have shaped me, dismembered and abandoned I've stood alone . Embraced only by the things that have kept me down, depressed, and stationary, impatiently I've waited nearly my entire life to die. Yet rebelling within still roils this ember. Setting fire to my overwhelming revelation. My light may be contained. But it cannot be removed. If I am to be jaded by this darkness. Than I'll bejewel my shadow , and shine my eclipse instead !