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Band Labs App name# tonyp707. ALL ART IS MADE UPBFROM MY MINDVA PERSPECTIVE AND UNDER PROTECTION OF THE US CONSTITUTION. 1ALL RESPECT TO YAWAYY AND MY FAMILY, SHOW SOME SUPPORT LEAVE A LIKE ON TOP PINNED SONG OR A FOLLOW IF YOU SUPPORT UPCOMING ARTISTS THANKS. Its not that hard. I TRY TO RETURN THE FAVOR AND SUPPORT UNDERDOGS AND GREAT TALENT. BLESS UP A1 , INSTAGRAM tonyp7071 1I all barz are off the top 1 take fr bless up. IF YOU LIKE OR FOLLOW I GET BAK TO MOST OF THE TIME I JUST RAISE 3 SONS SO IT MIGHT BE A BIT TILL I GET BACK TO SOON. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE SUPPORT And Feedback,,.Everything I've said on here barz are. <(Allegedly)> Don't try me with my lyrics. Freedom of speech/just stop all the hate NO MORE INNOCENT MURDERS .All art created from a perspective. FREE ALL Artits doing a bid for there Art. Band Labs is. tonyp707 check it out. .ITS FIRE OFF THE TOP SO JUDGE ACCORDINGLY!!!! I am God's son. Truth. Everything off the top of the dome,1 take,android phone ghetto reporter live,$, pillars were built on such principles. Don't sweat the technique.Yadddddaaaameeeeeeen 707SoloDoloA1sinceDay1 if u feelin generous. GOD Bless and please leave a like on my songs if youll f$%# wit my music. GOD bless everyone 🙏Like Subscibe/type/Ish/You Know what the ^ Deal is!! Please like my song ^^ IF U FUKS WIT IT MY SONGZ ARE BETTER IF U LISTEN LOL ^^ thanks.! B@ndl@b$. (Tonyp707) 707 to 407. Thanks for all the support . Peace out I MIX AND MASTER ALL MY MUSIC AND PULISH ALL MUSIC ART MIXTAPEZ 4 SALE ON BAND LABZ COLD SUMMER SOON. PEACE YAWAYY. GOD BLESS , GODZ ZON FROM ZION. BACK FROM BETHLAHAM YADDAMEEN I WAS TAUGHT TO LOVE EVERYONE TILL THEY GIVE ME A REASON NOT TO , 87 BABY , WOODSTOCK 2 HIPPIE STAR CHILD. YaddameenANY MUSIC USED IN ANY WAY FROM THIS PAGE IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AS I OWN ALL ART AND IS ALL PUBLISHED THROUGH ME , SO IF YOU USE WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL BE DEALT WITH. PEACE YAWAYY

Godz son

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