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A.K.A known by TGC♌Born n' raised in da 302.. Made my way north to da 609 my 22nd birthday.. I can't stop rhyming on a regular, it's like, a head on crash inside of a vehicular or a walking dead I'm a step a head of ya, but don't let me be ahead for not one second cuz wit no arms no legs, pull the plug im no hybrid.. Here's the deal with my tracks, all of them were a freestyle first. Most of them are all the first take. Some are the very next take still with nothing written just the general idea of the subject at matter and actual lyrics from the first take still incorporated. Im one of those people that start a dozen projects and finish a one of them 100% by the end of the day. As to why these all sound very "unprofessional" These tracks are when I'm just feeling the rapper oozing out at that moment and found a good beat to spill some venom on. I also do this for fun and to be more carefree for if I didn't do these tracks I may be in jail or 6 ft under. Or worse. So thank you for the support that y'all give me and just know the passion and heart is there, just not quite the right equipment or time to give my full out attention. I'm not a producer but am learning it now. Bare with me and the flames in this fire 🔥🔥🔥 will only get brighter. That I promise. Zletzgitit!!!

Dirty Jersey