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My tracks and recordings are all made in the studio on band lab and also me rapping over popular free beats on you tube. I'm verified on Spotify and on Google as an artist . I't just a hobbie for me alot my tracks are recording from the background music from my TV so very low level qauilty but I was homless when I made aloty music . My accounts been hacked so I have no acces to my accounts anymore but I no the process I'm looking to build a team or join a team . I don't use a microphone or any equipment apart from my phone . I just free style and push record nothing is reheast or mastered correctly but I've done what I can given the access to equipment . I'm not a producer or a high level rapper but I'm real and everything I rap about is real , cryptic ,and ful of riddle I don't like to swear as I would love to get on a radio station so I try to keep it to a low level on bad grammar ect . Anyway stay bless I will allways show support when I have time to sit down and see who is doing well and putting the work in . Cha cha cha also I have a playlist on rap fame that currently runs 1.2 to 9.6 million plays so if I get you attention n like Ur style n effort I wil put you on my play list stay bless

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