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#dearlordplease GOD OVER EVERYTHING #ridingdown95 and then have fun after that 🔥Spiritual WARFARE 🔥 Coming out my Shell and Ready to Shock the World🔥#igetit Forget all that tough guy ego trap that we all🔥 here to try to help someone and myself thru my messages in my music 😇 never know what you gonna Hear from Me. a OG With a Phone and Headset ⛽ Some songs be spitting that 🔥i #shedotc /thats going through a spiritual Battle of Good and Evil 🔥 In t #ndfm Yes my style is different but being Different is actually a good thing too stand out and not be the same old stuff you always Hear 💣 Most songs are real freestyle rap 💣 #shockazulu Was known as Tmoneypicks being funny But know ⛽ I'm breaking My Shell and Ready to Shock 💣 #iamshellshock 💎 And Love expressing my feelings ❤️ and could never be fake #mpgc 🔥 maybe that's why so many can Relate 💎 Good Side A and 🔥 BAD Side B and side C Spitting Fire usually a diss Track/ #Shellshock -others might know me as Tmoneypicks AKA #Wigsplitter 🔥 Lot of my songs are first time hearing a beat and just start flowing like #aintnoway or #igi #mpgc #ptp 💣Top 6 Rookie and with no help from a Crew -#Bangersboy #Justdontknow