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"Just another human being being apart of fate trying not to let accomplish ments slip past my face" Im going to do this rap shi once and for all mission is to improve everyday until my skill is recognizable for a hit🦾🔥/single👀💔 "- "good people always get the short end of the stick"-my life has been adventureus so to say I survived a domestic situation from birth till I was 12 now I am learning to transfer the negative past experiences into positive constant behavior my situation and place and doin the opposite of well deserved confertation Im 17 year old from Cali. Currently In az and no clue what imma do in life but fuck it LETS PICK UP THIS MIC AND SPIT🤣🔥🔥🔥🧠🕺 ". And I understand the little information I put makes me seem odd but it’s too much to say. In text I tell what i go through and do not like to share but I expose it to let y’all have A little. Have a bit of understanding of my rap just sit back and listen i mostly freestyle but u can tell when i write my songs are better check da collabs🫡

Im not sure tbh