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The HK Show (Connect On Deck)



What's the damn deal. This That Boy King, Cuz that's my real Last Name. Yet Boys and the Ladies may also know me as HK Konnekt, OG HK, Mr. King, Rude Boy, Mr. 6th Street, Derty Harry, Hollyhood. Matters who I'm with tho. Also Shot outs 2 Killeen N Copperas Cove, 4 Ever 254 out The Doe. 23rd Street Crip, We went to War with Army Boys out of Fort Hood. I was part of that Killeen Civil War. RIP Mike Brown. Also RIP to Billy Stone, Melvin Powell, KT, Jansen Moss and His sister my OGz, OG Cornelius, Stoner Brothers, Luke Wade, Amber Duncan, Genie Moss and of Course Gma and Gpa Mead, Gma Janet Lott & my Moms Sanda J. King whom I lost at age 6. Free that Boy Mike.. Fuck Wacko Texas. Y'all Fucked me 1st. Cuz I "Was" The Konnekt out here in Austin and a whole latta Texas & whole latta other places with Cartel Plug.. But I put that past me know what I'm talking about. Now I'm a legit Business Man like that Boy J. Prince. I'd like 2 give a Big Fuck you 2 my Baby Mamma Trish holding my Son Hostage from me. 1 day you gone smell my cologne I put on if ya dont change ya Song. Fuck you Cilla for being a Snitch and using Laws 2 put Cases on Niggas. If I'm found Guilty I'm Ganna expose ya ass with that footage Bitch. Like 2 Pac. Ya Need 2 Halla at Me. Shot Outs 2 My Son Jahvon Urban Justice.. The 1 that keeps me and his mom alive. My air. Shot Outs to All my Day 1s. All My Homies. Shot outs to all my Under Ground Kings out here on the Mic! Keep Ya head ☝ We got this! $hot Outs 2 those who make the Beats! We need yall! Shot Outs 2 Kendrick Kelly, Paypa Chase, AC Anonymous, Golden Boy, Diamond Grill, Drew Down, Jack Danielz, Richie Rich and my Guitarist Bandana Mike. Shot outs 2 Ryan N Corey Thackwray, Gary Marsh, John Marsh, Jason Branson, Pops, Tito, Drewski, Ben, Reagan Brown, Stephen Brown, Derick Chestnut. All the folks who stick with my crazy ass. Shot outs to H-Town, back in 98-01 I fucked with them Boys from Swisha House, S.U.C, Beltway 8, Rap-Alot Records my nigga Point Plank, ZRO, Paul Wall. My nigga Riff Raff.

Castle of Kings N Queens

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