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Supreme Camelot



Yo, My name is Mitchell Pelgrom In the Netherlands I’am known as. Camelot / Lil Camelot I’m 18 years old born on May 29, 2003. In Philadelphia, PA I make a lot of melodic rap which started in 2019. I posted most of the music on IGTV that’s how I actually got started and now 2022 I’m taking classes at a professional music studio called “Wisseloord Studio’s” in Hilversum, Which Is Based In The Netherlands and Paris! It’s the best studio of The BeNeLux it stands for Belgium Luxemburg and The Netherlands. Y’all can stream my songs on here but if you want to listen to the Newest tracks don’t forget to check out. “Lil Camelot” on Spotify for any info check my social media links down below! ⚠️ Know that this account Is ran by current crew and Label members.. ~ YSP

Los Angeles, California