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Jasper Lucas Scott Kendall



I'm 23, always been inspired with music,country, rap, rock, blues, it's how I express my feelings and even how I keep my memories in order.this is what i eat & breath & what I sleep & bleed. SoundCloud link is above.Show some love. Emotional codependency issues, love deprived, BPD, signs of schizophrenia, abandonment issues, raised by a single mother, no father figure, Foster System/Care Baby, Last Birthed Been Cursed Since Birth, Shit End Of The Stick My Mother was Sick Of Kid's After The 5; Let Alone the Six, Love Makes Me Insane I'm Done With These Bitches Games, All Girls Are Just The Same, They Build You Just To Break, I Feel Like No One Could Truly Love Me Because My Own Mother Never Loved Me, The Ones I Love Seem To Play a Part To Strip This Heart & Rip It All Right Apart, Hearing Whispers Between The Tree's Afraid of Splinters If I Leave; Hearing Whispers Between The Tree's, Scared Of Blisters If I Leave,

Topeka Kansas