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Jamie Peck



Combat veteran dealing with severe PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD tryin to Listen n Learn rap styles to use as an outlet for dealin wit mental health issues. Love all kinds of music but rap n '80s type rock is what gives energy n relief. Some shit on here is Dope AF n totally love it. If I judge ya music I'll be 100% real wit how it makes me feel. Never tried to write rap or other music before so guess well see how it goes. Trying to get disability for my mental issues so every day we hustle doin what we gotta do to make sure utilities stay on, got gas n food for kids so our struggle is definitely real. Only way we've made it so far is from faith in God, that He would provide what we needed when we needed it and He has. Feel free to donate while I'm fighting with VA for my benefits. CashApp $Jdp4573

Rockwood, Tn