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Michael Hull, better known by the moniker Jack Faygoo, is a 26yo rapper originally from Charleston, MO but now resides in Nashville, TN. Faygoo’s name is a rising tide in Tennessee, going from strength to strength, winning three separate rap events across the state. Family is Faygoo’s biggest motivation, the spark that ignited the flame, to pursue a career in music, from a young age he and his cousins used to to freestyle together, gradually perfecting their sound. Fast forward a few years Faygoo and his cousins would create a collective by the name “SGE '' which stands for StonerGang Entertainment. Faygoo is able to speak on a variety of topics, from club songs to his personal demons, and can flow effortlessly over a diverse range of beats, combining these two elements gives you the foundation for a versatile artist. Then you sprinkle his natural charisma and infectious cadence on top and you have a complete artist. With several awards won and numerous projects under his belt it is only a matter of time until his name spreads across the Tennessee border.

Nashville, Tennessee