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Wasgud RapFame, I go by MiamiBoySmurney as my artist name which means growing up as a kid listening to big artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and my very own big brother made me wanna give a shot at music cause singing was one of the things that made me happy. Till then I continue to work and grow on creating original and authentic craft (Boy), giving out music I experience in real life situations and adding soul to it is something that brings self-made value to my music (Smurney), I’m Blessed with the special writing skills that I have, and a wonderful way of flowing with them in my music, Taking my own original smooth chill R&B/Pop/Hiphop to the top of the game. Bringing them low vibration vibes and a soulful taste of real pain build all inside, Born and raised straight outta Miami, Florida where’s most of the best artist have been discovered, I recorded and released my first single “Peaches & Cream” back in October in the year of 2019 and been dropping more hits ever since.

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