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Hey Rap Fame World,My Name is ELeeT💚...When it comes to music and all that I do,I like to look at myself as a Chameleon because my Music is very Unique,Avant-garde,And i have so many rap styles that u can never put me in a Genre Box!✅ Im a Humble vibe,and my Ora is Graceful & Kind,I like to show love,do me,Support & mind my business"But will also Knuck'If'U'Buck".I Set my own Trends and walk to the beat of my own Drum...I have my own signature style and Ive been rocking Green Hair Since 2013.🧫A Green Queen Thats been paving ways and trendsetting for years.   ✳Music Style AEsthetics?✳ 🔋My style and rap aesthetic is Very rare! "Lets just say if Lil Kim,Beyonce,Nicki Minaj,Left-Eye & Missy Elliott Had a love child,It would create Me,Eleet"....Im like a Antique,And a Prodigy of my generation and culture!!!🍀Ive been pushin my Pen since the age of 10 and always had a ear for Hit worthy,Music. ❇I like creating Music For Fun & for my Legacy,and the artform as a not a signed artist Just Yet,But if the right opportunity presents itself,Who knows what could happen or even Starting my own Label in the Future would be dope as well.✅ 📗If u support me Ill support you in return.Im not about drama or negativity,"I just want to Have Fun,Break Barriers,Make Dope music,Meet other cool Artists and do Iconic Shit" 🟩So Wellcome to the Green Zone🟩 Sincerely,The VISIONARY/The ELITE One💚