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Hey Rap Fame World,My Name is ELeeT💚 When it comes to music & all that I do,I like to look at myself as a Chameleon because my Music is very Unique,Avant-garde,And i have so many rap styles that u can never put me in a Genre Box!✅Im a Humble vibe,and my Ora is Graceful & Kind,I like to show love,do me,Support & mind my business"And stay clear of all Pointless Mess".I have my own signature style and Ive been rocking Green Hair Since 2013.🧫I walk to the beat of my own Drum and I represent for all the Underdogs,The UNIQUEEEEE,and all of the Rebels in music.A Green Queen Thats About paving ways,Breaking Barriers and Setting my own trends.                ✳Music Style AEsthetics?✳ 🔋My style and rap aesthetic is Very rare! "Lets just say if Beyonce,Teyana Taylor,Lil Kim,Nicki Minaj,Left-Eye & Missy Elliott Had a love child,It would create Me,Eleet"....Ive been told that im like a Antique,& a Prodigy of my generation and culture!!!🍀Ive been pushin my Pen for years & always had a ear for Hit worthy,Music.I like creating Music For Fun & for my Legacy,and the artform as a whole.."I AM NOT FOR SALE"!!!✅️ 🟩So Wellcome to the Green Zone🟩 If u support me Ill support you in return.Im not about drama or negativity,📗"I just want to Have Fun,Make Dope music,Meet other cool Artists and do Iconic Tings" Sincerely,The VISIONARY/The ELITE One💚

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