Hello #RapFame ,Wellcome to Nightmare On EL ST if your listening to this intro,this is just a short Synopsis of whats to be expected and alittle look back into the the year of 2017 it was A real life Girlgroup Nightmare,and ended with a intense Clap-back of iconic,epic proportions 1,2 EL is comin for u,3,4 shes a Botched up Whore,5,6 Her titties hard like Bricks,7,8 i had to set her straight,9,10 I won in-the-End Well....How bout we start out with a Disclaimer...IN THIS CURRENT TIME I WISH EVERYONE THAT WAS INVOLVED THE BEST,Ive moved on from this,and have forgave them all,I said what i said in 2017 in the Documentary about my departure from the Pop girlgroup,But my supporters has spoken and they want the archive unrealeased songs to the Project That never was released,And since iTs Halloween month,why not I just Drop the project here on Rap Fame..... Long story short...When i was a fulltime Singer,one of the dreams i Always had was to be apart was apart of a girlgroup like The Pussycat Dolls and sThe Spice Girls..and i moved to NYC and It came true,Everything was so amazing at first then suddenly i started having conflicts with one of the Lead singers,first i was kicked out and dragged through the mudd online,then my crazy self even went back to the group just to end up in the same situation twice,but worse... it was war..... She dragged me online and in interviews,i ripped her to streads in interviews,a documentary and 2 diss tracks in response to everything she said.... see the thing is,If we would have just had sat down and respectfully had a conversation from our disagreement everything would have been squashed,But she ran with a narrative about me,tried to slander and defamed my character,and tried to do things like silence me online,erase my comment responses and everything,so i was like oh hell no,...."imma say what i got to i did my Big one and Cleared her.......I SHOOK THAT TABLE SO HARD THAT IT HASNT BEEN NO MORE GIRLGROUP EVERY I LEFT... When all the dust settled,I finally felt redeemed and The situation was so toxic,and at that point it was usless to continue on so i On released 2 of the 6 pre written songs and scrapped the other 4,But this ending week Of October Im releasing the full unreleased project now and Here it is.....NIGHTMARE ON EL ST


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

4 months ago

I live how you're so "outside the box" and do whatever you feel..........bizneeessssss

6 months ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 9/10 Impression: 9/10 Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

8 months ago

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