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I am your Music Mix Master Dj Kojiro I'm also a computer technician, I do hardware and software modifications, network security ,I also Specialize Freestyle Story Telling you can listen to all my tracks updated weekly on here or my SoundCloud I only freestyle I do not write any of my tracks it's all off the dome or I don't record it I'm a 5 Star Freestylist and A Lyrically Gifted Assassin I'm Also Mentally Outta There with Demons & Entities that reside inside me they are called Legion and when I grab the mic and let it flow they grab the mic and take over so you'll never hear the same shit lol there's lots of them waiting to get on that mic 🎤 😏 🎶 😎 at anytime I could snap and destroy your city,town or village and introduce u to ragnarock but that's only if u come at me sideways patna other than we can be best friends or worst enemies that's totally up to u Just know that I never give up and will always keep coming for you until u die or disappear cause one of us has to go and it ain't gonna be me lol I'm only up at night cause that's when my demons fucc with me the most so I can't sleep at night and the medication doesn't help for that problem bipolar/skitzophrena/narcissistic rage/multiple personality disorder/depression.....all the makings of a future cereal killer lol 😆 😂 🤣 #TiGsOsTuPiDLoL


Southeast Houston Tx