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I do run a YT channel as well, feel free to check me out on there what I post doesn’t suit all but in real life it’s different but here’s the link to that I’m a country boy from a place in the middle of no where came up didn’t really know what music was coming up in high school I started expanding my mind like most started playing the electric guitar I was one of them who loved DeathMetal, Heavy Metal music and could play the hell out of a guitar I taught my self and came naturally because my uncle played in a well know local area band back in 2002-2006 and he played guitar which is where my interest peaked then found this band called Whitechapel, that’s my number one and my inspiration to play guitar along with my uncle never looked in future to see me on a mic rapping or freestyle to expand what little I know but (Here’s The Dream)- I wanna be able to be good enough to get on Ryan Upchurchs Level.- I wanna see the spot light and show my home town like he did the world you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, it’s you that makes the decision to hold your self back. Not in it for the money that’s great and all but you can never put a price on the meaning of well said lyrics!!!!! And go follow my boy @dirtysouthdevil21 this dude right here is my cussin chaos and I believe this man will be the next big thing!!!!!! Check my dude out like share and why not, fuck it , go head and it that follow button twice never know when I might drop something!!!!!! Thank Y’all So Muchhhh!!!