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#ArcJustice Thank you 🙏@moderator_en I’ll be up on many more #Contests Fam #RFLoveStory 3rd Place #Winner 🥉 🤘#FakeLove Check out this cool #RapFame #moderator_en video on my Rap Fame Page to see the Results #ContestWins for #RFlovestory Challenge #Epic #playlist So Hey! You Totally should download this Playlist ( Arc-Just-Us ) real quick. #Arc_Just_Us “Check out this playlist” #Hoodie #ArcJusticePics #Soon !!! “ #RapAngel #CameAndSaw #MuchMore ( #CashApp- $Arcjustice ) I’m looking for a #Real Record 💿 Company©️ that will pay me 💰.to turn beats 🎧 into songs 🔥🎶. “I can literally Freestyle 🗣 and write ✍️ anything Catchy 🎶🤯 all day any day on record so LMK!. I’m life Dedicated.” And Self Made. I jammed with my High School teachers! I got a thing. Collaborations are negotiable prices . But must meet my Standards of Music📈. I’m off quarantine COVID-19 free!. To know a bit about me. “put up for adoption at 3 days old I had a rough life my Dad died of cancer at 8 years old, and one thing he got me was a Drum Set, He also served in the Navy in WWII so he’s been through the ringer. Most gentle man ever tho R.I.P. years later I was deserted by the adoptive. Im so blessed I have my blood Fam now and I ima middle child. I’ve been through a ringer you would only see in a movie.” “Art is what I will always have. #blesssed if you follow me.”🙏✊ SO!... you have heard of a “Rap God🙏”. of a “Rap Devil😈”, Well Hi! Ima “Rap Angel😇 ”. (So! I found out I’m 3rd cousin to hank Williams R.I.P. you know that “heyyyyy good lookin waaatcha got cookin” literally I feel like life just makes sense rn). Also met my grandpa for the first time”! life is Good! 😌 (Now on “YouTube”) I’m 23. I’m that 9/11 baby😬. I sing, rap, play guitar, play piano, kahone /drums.... it’s a gift😄 🎁🎶. I’m hard on myself because Good can be Great and Great can be Grater 📈. I aim to please✅. Always self improving 🎶 bringing Lyrical Justice to the world 🌎. Stay safe y’all. “Mask up”😷 COVID-19, “2022” - @arcjustice -

P.R.O.T.I.G.Y Wings Society

United States, Ballston Spa