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Rapper from Washington DC with a story to tell that's one for the books. Recently released from 5 and a half years of incarceration and back to do it all better this time around. Endeavoring any obstacles that dare come his way JayRoxz is on a true rise to the top. Only makes his honest content with meaning and true stories of what he has been through in his life. Back and better than ever! Stay tuned and updated and follow this journey of one of Hip Hops soon to be greats. JayRoxz is an all around artist period. Not only musically but visually as well. He has drawn his whole life, and is also a tattoo artist who as well designed clothing, cartoons, logos, invention prototype sketches and more. You will be truly wowed by the talent you discover that he has. But it is only one way to truly know the man. Attention is key. Keep yourself updated on JayRoxz by following and listening with an open ear and eye as well. He answers all and any questions asked so feel free to write him if need be. Let's work together and make it happen as a unit. It's room for us all at the top. Let's ROCK!


Washington DC