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Jus because you underground -don’t mean you what’s up, been in the ski ski b4 covid showed upgame out-of-control but now I control the whole game, monopoly official Like the whistle on a referee ain’t no stoppin me, I’m out here pimpin like the C ,but I will always notoriously ,be thee Mr. BC out this galaxy, passing ET, usin my haters to fuel my space shuttle, QB the way you see me doing it so BIG I don’t need no huddle but you best pack your rebottle Because the only way to stop me is with a 24 karat muzzle I’m at Beast on the , Mic watch me guzzle, Don’t waste your time trying to figure me out on 1000 piece one of a kind puzzle 🔊FEATURED🔊 On your mothers bed Monday through Thursday after your bitch ass sleepin MrBalaclava 👁👅👁