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Just on here letting some steam off in battles. Dropping songs here and there but mostly here for battles. Ever want honest feed back im your man. Im not really cocky about myself but i do think im good can always improve so any and all feedback is welcome. I wont duck any request im down for anything. Its all love and respect until we battle im gonna go at you. When its done its done no drama with me unless you bring it to my door. Im a fan of good lyrics respect alot on here some crazy talent hoping to be great on here myself.some of my favorites in no order @doehash @WHyTEBRED @EseJex.oner @JDB.. @realistrhymes @cidolem @Heavychevy @VLKliwaukeeLV187 @Blu3y3z @RFNEWS @Xn9ne @Chubzky @Skullitenkey @Lukeplatia @TheCMK


In Hells flames