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A 15 YEAR OLD. DON'T DO COLLABS ANYMORE!!, check out my music vids on youtube, now available , all stuff recorded on my phone ,i watch anime and read mangas all day ,And fricken study!!!,listen with airpods, galaxypods, headsets, earphones and via speaker for the best experience.making my way to the top being new won't stop me☝🛇🚫🛇 (邁向最高峰。成為新人不會阻止我) (πηγαίνω στην κορυφή. Όντας νέος δεν θα με σταματήσει)(faire mon chemin vers le haut.Être nouveau ne m'arrêtera pas). I'm here to have fun and meet some new people.🕶👀ici pour s'amuser et se faire de nouveaux amis. εδώ για να διασκεδάσετε και να κάνετε νέους φίλους.在這裡玩得開心,結交新朋友. peace out✌ play: (alot of sports)💯💯i rap as a hobby ⬅ my favourite artist on this app : @Truality my second favourite : @Codyflemings

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