Big moves πŸ’° πŸ”₯

Big moves πŸ’° πŸ”₯


Big moves doin big thangs 🀫 While they throwin big slangs Mixing : @dyyoung Cover art: @barzdabeast Punched on the beat Im clocked in stay loaded I’m glockin too turnt Fuck love get Money No stopping Married to the money Not married to the streets True to the game So I’m pimpin for the g’s Do it for the gram it’s All about da weed Flexing so hard Now haters watchin me Big moves doin big thangs They big mad throwing big slangs Get hit by a big train While I’m making it big rain They say I’m too arrogant Oh well u irrelevant But I won’t come change for u Cuz this is my heritage Ughhh Write me a book Ugh Who give a fuck ugh They all in they feels Ugh They all outta luck Ughh They don’t even like me Ugh They all wanna fight me ugh They gossip all day Ughh U know I don’t play Shoot up a bitch Light her like sparks All in ya face since u wanna get smart Pop up on u hoes I’m coming with darts Kicking these bitches They swimming with sharks Not on my level These bitches too short All on the ladder They all Kevin harts Running em down All with a cart Fuck being nice I don’t have a heart Wipe out ya nose She sniffing dat coke All on ya nigga He grabbing my throat It’s demon time I want all the smoke rippin her lungs I got her to choke Stomp on they head I just seen a roach Grabbing the boat I row on these hoes Gently gently down on the street Splatter they blood Like it’s sum meat Ugh I’m making em mad Im just smoking gas I’m all on they ass Come take out the trash Run me my cash Or run me these hands U bitches not touching me I’m high of these Xans Gang gang in this bitch Budda headz up in this bitch Slit yo wrist When u talk shit Come here bring yo head lil trick Beat these niggaz up with a stick Since u worried about my clit Nigga go hop on sum nuts Since u hopin dick to dick How many licks does even gotta take Fightin with a chick Boy stay in up in ya lane When I start spazzing They Crying in pain niggaz turn gay U turn into steak Lil nigha ion play I’m Throwin these bullets U niggaz get ate U know how I do it Rip out ya lyrics Spit In ya face While I go chew it Get off of my plate Ughhh They all on my page Ugh They all filled with rage Ughh They typing too hard Ughh Get out my face Ughh Cry me a river Ugh Come spin on my track Ugh these bitches is mad These niggaz be wack Ugh #bigmov3s #gossipallday #poponyouhoes #fuckbeingnice #d3montime #femalegoat #iamdestiny #rapfame #rap #2021 #femalerapper #new #typingtoohard #crymeariver #buddaheadz #RBHFRADIO #RBHF #bigslangz #allintheyfeels #comingwithdarts #kevinhart #wantallthesmoke #makinemmad


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