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West coast affiliates CREW we da only original 🚾 mafia on this app f thc twcm we promote every 1 b 4us will Punch a hole through your face I been a 2pac fan and Cbo fan west coast mafia records fan since I was young Im just about 10yrsyounger than C Bo don't know him but know of him we know other west coast bros Nipseys fam man people close to pac and so many more the man that made the other crews thc twcm talks bs he will only use u everyone md any 1 to win on here we played dumb with him a few real bros just laughed n said he's a j cat 🐈 dats facts my music is for promo use only unless u payin I am not making no money half this app is a laugh they use others beats lyrics nd more its just a bunch of app thugs who pay for likes views plays nd features we da true heat seekers we got da constant heavy heat to defeat ya beat cha reach ya thats da situation its why most u all hatin still squawkin flockin talkin yur struggle is real Im here to heal u all got a swollen member da size of a beagles sad games no flames we da best smallest fraction best reaction to hatin is none we let those crews lose half em got loose screws we da true heat seekers too bad u cant compete or handle our heat we defeat cha reach cha beat ya thats the situation its why most u still hatin squawkin flockin your not no real gs please back the fuck up cause u will back the fuck down Im a easy goin kind hearted carin individual unless u go at my fam team or friends then its war nd will never end so if u hear disses on me nd I see u liking them or praising them for saying shit about peoples families u immediately lose my support peace tired of this app and disrepectful peices of shit dis should be an app with out that bullshit or kids trying to be cocky as f if yur going to hate us go eat a dick yur goin to hate try be petty u can go eat a cock meat sandwhich cause saying u sueing or charging any 1 is trash its facts we in this for no cash so far unless we get the blessings of da boss and now I'm doing a real track wit a boss dats facts


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