no dimez

no dimez


y people think they struggle is the worst u think u the first player landed on the terf may be different yards still get ran thru the dirt everybody fall if they stand on the earth u think u the center of the whole universe #nodimezz #nodimes #dimezno everyone else feeling pain dpnt seem to hurt we o u not the first to feel cursed we all thirst for deserved from the wotk that we worked weather merked on a curb slerped on a perv servin a bird when they hurlin they word have a urge to differ we all sweve on a verge from a curve been on nerve feelin cursed cause i severe the asurb on a curb like orderb im a dog iys a turd then differ to the hurt that on occorcs from our urge why we xant emerge on a search for the worsat bout to purge till it hurts u thinking your poop dont stink u think ya didn't think about any freaking thing unless it did pertains to what they think of him way he speak had came from ya thinking brain like things he think are sane like he keep on thinking things like think u da missin link and the things i think everything and the ktchen sink ya jist didn't think that this whole thinking thing wasn't they thing i mean they didn't bring a thing you jiat a ding aling without the bell to ring so throw a hissy fit prissy bitch until the sissy get assaiited with milky tit hope ya senenitive clittis get a mist with cofilis filty tip of stiffy dick l


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Excellent sounds fooooking amazing 🙌🏻

7 months ago

Can’t kill my vibe you not a killer to me 💯

9 months ago

good flow

1 year ago

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