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Dont Fuck Wit Me (testing out my voice)

Dont Fuck Wit Me (testing out my voice)

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29 Apr 2021

DONT FUCK WIT ME (HOOK) I tell em get from around if u dont fw me These bitches is lames they cant fucking see lying on me fucking name dat aint ok wit me i dont play no fucking game bitch dont test me Idgaf wat u say u dont impress me These niggas is fake , they so lame to me I tell em get from round if u dont fw me bitch niggas i dont want u cant cuff VERSE 1 tell these ppl let it up , tell these ppl test they luck , tell these ppl i aint letting down tell em i give no fucks No bitch i dont got no friends i been pulled them plugs N when i walk by i dont speak uh i give off 2 mugs(Stay the fuck from round if u dislike me Cant stand no lurking bitch that wanna site see U ugly inna face u aint like me Tired of playing games bitch come bite me Cuz wat u Gonna do N im finna go make my move its always a nothing ass bitch that aint got shit to loose Dont try to come for me bitch cuz i aint go no screws its best to move on bruh im not the one u choose mind is crazy Where u been lately mind is crazy plz dont play me (Hook) VERSE 2 i bet they really mad huh i bet they really sad huh i bet when i get thru they clap they hands they really glad huh tell these bitches i move when i move no simon says huh N i talk my shit, i hold my own tell me wat u paying for stop worrying bout me N maybe u can see shit im in my own lane im not no other bitch Im pretty run games i dont trust shit stay in yo lane ill snap quick


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12 months ago

GANG GANG 🤘 Respect 🤜🤛 Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯


2 years ago

all I can say is sexy asf!! and you music 10s too 😆

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