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Inbox me only for music if not I won’t reply this not a dating app🤦🏽‍♀️👿 I’m a songwriter/ghost writer (versatile)with a twist of poetry-for your Core. Let’s cook up some good music 🎶 I don’t do negativity so if you’re negative you will get blocked. Peace and Love Only,hope y’all enjoy! Let’s get it! independent artist! Please Stay out my Inbox if you’re not serious about making good music, keep that unprofessional mess to yourself!!!! I have a full-time job, a Mother as well so when it comes to doing collaborations please have patience with me we will make good music I promise. My Daddy 🙏🏽 always told me “Rushing Gets You Nowhere But Stuck In The Same Place You Started.” #godspeed #respect I’m here for the people 🎶💪🏽🤗 y’all motivate my drive to push harder! Thank you for all the love and support given! @ @rapfame_official @rap

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Orlando, Florida